Go Green And Save Money With Homemade Solar Panels

As the Divine Child Children’s Choir led a big crowd in singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town,” Santa showed up at the 2010 Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony in a 1914 Rauch & Lang electric car provided by DTE Energy. Santa was presented by Mayor Daniel S. Paletko with the key to the “hearts of all the good boys and girls,” and then drew the name of 8-year-old Angela Duffy to help him light up the Christmas tree and the rest of the holiday display.

Unfortunately, buying a brand new Natalie Portman was honored by the Environmental Media can be quite expensive and so is hiving a professional mechanic to retrofit you car into an electric vehicle. In most cases you will be charged $3,000-$4,000, so this is definitely not a very cheap option, but certainly much cheaper than buying an electric vehicle.

2) Empty Your Trunk! Take all that useless junk out of your trunk and throw it aside! Those items can put more weight on your vehicle than you need, thus putting more effort on the vehicle to reach a certain distance. For example; Wonder why trucks and hummers cost more to keep fueled than an average sized car? They have a lot more weight to carry thus needing more energy and fuel! So keep your trunk empty and keep dollars off that bill.

What about the Honda Civic CNG or the FCX/Clarity? Are these the future, or are they merely a crossover into the future? Until the laws change, the EPA is the roadblock to CNG and similar conversions. In any case, these still emit toxins into the air, granted, at a much lower rate than gasoline. Hydrogen power may be a smarter way to go. About all you emit when burning hydrogen is water vapor. But there is still a lot of development yet to be done in that area. Honda has made huge strides in development, but they are holding their cards close, maybe waiting to see what happens in the market first. But let’s talk about that for a minute…

Toyota showed off a new RAV4 EV electric variant with technology gained from their joint venture with Tesla. They also showed off the 2011 Corolla and well….sorry I just dozed off there for a second. What was I saying?

6) The Manual Car! If you have a car that is manual, then you have the opportunity to save a lot of money on the gas bill. Here’s how to do it: You want to shift up early, and shift down late. This method helps save on your gas bill by using lower rpm’s. Also another tip you can do is when your going down hill, put it in neutral and let it roll. I Only Suggest This If The Hill Is Not Too Steep! If the hill is to steep then your car could pick up too much speed and get out of control.

Another low emission and fuel efficient vehicle is the popular Volkswagen Golf where the 1.6 TDI BlueMotion model delivers the same mpg as the Seat Leon. Similar low emission models are also offered by manufacturers such as Skoda, Audi and Volvo.

Although the Nissan Leaf has received great reviews, owning an electric car isn’t for everybody so one of the lower emission diesel cars might be a more viable option for most.