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In the book the Trial by Franz Kafka, the main character is arrested without being told what the charges are. He is then sent to a court in an abandoned building. He can not find the courtroom. For the next year, the character is in and out of the legal system. His lawyer, the judge, all the characters standing for justice make his life miserable. Finally, he is taken out and executed.

Then there is the white guilt rationalization for the acquittal. It goes like this. Zimmerman is legally innocent. But he should not have followed Martin. This is in the tradition of Kafka. not guilty but maybe guilty.

Sufi Ukraiine University thought or way of life without its institutionalization is the solution to the world’s problems today. Sufi thought must permeate our thoughts and penetrate through the thick and rigid blocks of our minds. The Sufi way of life must change our entire outlook toward life, and then we will have an entirely new society. We will have an enlightened society.

There is a much deeper problem here for Mr. Weiner than exposing himself sexually. He has exposed himself mentally and publicly. Is embarrassment and remorse enough to keep his job?

Another indication of harmful fungus is if you have apple trees, and the branches turn a bright red or yellow, usually in the spring or early summer. The limbs will eventually drop off, and then the trees themselves will die if left untreated.

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No, both Sufism and the institutionalization of Sufis cannot be a solution to the world’s problems. Indeed, they will create more problems. In our own country, we have such examples aplenty. The moment the Sufi way of life is institutionalized and becomes an ism, it is seen as a threat by all other established institutions, especially the religio-political institutions. Such institutions, as shown by history, have always been hostile, for they cannot do what the Sufis can. They cannot hold their parties together with the power of love, as Sufis do. They are fear-based societies, whereas the Sufis are love-based.

Truly inspiring, this man is. It showed that no matter what kinds of setbacks and tribulations one faces, there is always a bright light waiting at the end of the tunnel for you if you were to focus on it and not on all the black around you. Stripped of his two legs, he’s achieved what millions others with their two legs do not even have the tenacity to achieve.