3 Reasons You Should Use Sms Text Marketing

No matter your business category there are certain factors that make a mobile marketing campaign a success. At a recent restaurant trade show we spoke at an attendee kindly remarked they tried mobile marketing and it didn’t work. After inquiring why this was, we discovered a host of factors that contributed to this business owner getting a less than ideal return on their marketing campaign. For one, they didn’t integrate their call to action into their existing marketing material. In fact, the only way their customers could lean about the campaign was from a small sign in their window. Even with this they built a small list which they sent a few text blasts too. These blasts resulted in redemption rates of 2%. About the same for email or direct mail. The reason?

SMS is a new way to start building your list. Messages can simply be sent out to your subscribers who opted in. Once they have opted in, there are now a subscriber. The subscriber can get alerts about special offers, deals, discounts. This is great for the bottom line return on investment.

While choosing your service provider, you need to know how much you are going to spend and what do you want your SMS campaign to do. Many small businesses use ready platforms such as Mobile Commons or Hip Cricket. You can start your SMS campaign for a little as $800 per month.

For some months now, I have taken time to study resources on small business and the marketing tools and strategies available to them (without really having to deep your hands too far into the savings). I have applied these principles to my consulting work and it’s working!

Put it on a comment card. Use comment cards asking for your customer’s information. Use a check box option asking if they would like to receive free text messages from the restaurant sending promotions. Have a staff member update the customer database each shift. Send the welcome message within 24 hours.

First, understand that marketing is a process and it does take time to materialize. To do bulk happy customers in the real sense of it, you have to build your own phone number list from scratch or buy a list whose demographics you know, I mean list that has people that are really in need of what you sell.

Never allow mediocrity in your mobile marketing business. Promise less and deliver more. This should be done continuously and consistently. Over time customers will know you as someone who keeps his or her word.

Taking a few lessons on the promotion side of spectrum can also aid in your success. Learn how to market effectively the right way so that your not wasting valuable time. There are a ton of mentoring programs out there designed specifically to help people like you and I learn the many tricks of the trade in internet marketing.